Month: February 2017

Extending Computed Fields in Sitecore By Adding Parameters

Computed Fields In Sitecore

The purpose of computed fields is to create pre-calculated values when working with indexes. Such approach allows to proceed with the search though distributed data or even when some data is outside the Sitecore (data from the external services could be taken into the Sitecore search engine).

There are many interesting use-cases of how to use computed indexes. I’m going to share some tips to help people get the most of them.

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Sitecore: 404 without 302.

Sitecore: 404 without 302.

This post shows how to handle a request for a page which is not found, how to avoid having the request being redirected with a 302 status code before a 404.

How Sitecore handle NotFoundItem

Sitecore lets you specify a page to use for ‘ItemNotFound’ errors in web.config, and it’s always good practice to have a pretty ‘page not found’ page:

<setting name="ItemNotFoundUrl" value="/404" />

When Sitecore can’t find the requested item, it will redirect the user to the page that is configured in the setting ItemNotFoundUrl.

However, during the redirecting the response returns an HTTP status code 302 (Moved Temporarily). This is sad, as search engines don’t understand that the page actually hasn’t been found.

For search engine optimization, you should return the HTTP 404 status code for any invalid URL by setting the Status property of the current System.Web.HttpResponse

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