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Sitecore MVC – Custom Vary By Cache Options

Sitecore, by default, provides varies options like Vary by Data, Vary by Query String to enable HTML cache (more information about Sitecore caching could be found here). Sometimes none of these options (based on component built type) help the component to get cached by Sitecore cache.

In this article I will describe how to introduce custom VaryByCache option. It’s pretty simple.

First of all, let’s create a new template where all custom VaryByCache options will be presented.

Sitecore VaryByCache template

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Sitecore caching

In this post I would like to describe different levels of Sitecore caches. Cache plays a vital role in website performance. So, it is really important to understand how Sitecore cache works, from which parts consists and how it could be configurated. If we master these skills it would be easy to do performance turning using cache settings.

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