How to remove Template Language Version

Few days ago I have faced with the situation when some of my templates had had language versions that differs from en.

Firstly I opened Template Manager and navigated to desired template. Then I clicked on Versions tab and was very surprised. There was no button to remove version! There is possibility to save, to switch and to reset, on this tab. Fortunately, Sitecore is a very powerful tool with a lots of different helpful utility pages. One of them saved my life.

Sitecore Database Browser

Url: /sitecore/admin/DBBrowser.aspx

The Sitecore Database browser is a quick way to browse through the sitecore databases. It’s more lightweight than the sitecore content editor but still gives you many opportunities like preview of item fields, versions, languages etc. Features such as DMS, devices, layouts and so on are however not controllable from here. A nice bonus feature is that you can delete all children of an item which you can’t do from the Sitecore content editor.

Sitecore Database Browser

How to remove template language version

In case there is a need to remove language version of a template – Sitecore Database Browser admin page deals with this. You just need to open this admin page, select the desired template from the tree on the left side and click on delete version button.

Please double check that you have selected the right template and correct language!

How to remove template language version

There is a time to check the availability of the version after you have removed the language version. Going back to the Template Manager and select the template. Now the selected language version of the template has been deleted.

Check whether language version of the template has been removed

Suggested solution is pretty manual. In case there are many templates which have invalid language versions – manual removing could take a lot of time. In such case PowerShell can help you. What is PowerShell and how it could be used within the Sitecore you can read here.

Below is an example of the script that removes language version for the particular template:

Get-Item master:\templates\Components\_article | Remove-ItemLanguage -Language tr-TR


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