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Sitecore: Hide fields from Content Editor

Sitecore: Hide fields from Content Editor

Very often every Sicore developer fas faced with the necessity of adding new fields for some particular template. And this task is pretty easy! After new field has been added it appeared in Sitecore Content Editor.

But let’s imagine the situation when there is a need to associate new field with a template and not to show it in┬áSitecore Content Editor for everyone by some condition or don’t show it for anyone at all.

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Avoid displaying pages without a language version

The Sitecore CMS allows you to create multiple versions of the pages for each of the languages supported by your site. Still, sometimes you may want to have particular pages translated into to a certain subset of the languages, e.g. if you have French content that should be available for end users in just France and Canada. The problem is that when you try to access the page in a language which does not have a supported version, you won’t get a 404 error, but be displayed an empty page.

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