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Getting Sitecore Dictionary in JavaScript

It’s very easy to get translations in back-end code — either Razor views or .cs files — by simply calling to


But what about JavaScript widgets? There we have several options:

  • Item Web API results in overhead and is hard to use without additional implementation.
  • StringDictionary embeds values right in HTML and needs to be configured accordingly.
  • Injecting translated text into .js components via HTML tags has the same drawbacks as StringDictionary.

All these options are cumbersome and inconvenient.

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Sitecore and Powershell: Jack of all trades

Sitecore and Powershell: Jack of all trades

Several months ago I have been setting up a few scripts so that I can automate the creation / adjustment of new / existing solutions for customers and also make it easy for other developers/front-enders to start working on new projects.

Powershell has been invaluable in setting up these processes and I’ve been amazed on a daily basis just how powerful the language can be. Your everyday mundane tasks such as renaming a group of files, finding and replacing text or even attaching databases can become automated.

Also, I want mention that developer from time to time should do disposable actions to adjust solution and fix some wrong behavior. With the help of Powershell there is no need to prepare some workaround of how to deliver such fixes. You just write Powershell code, test it and then run on LIVE.

That’s why I’m  also a big fan of Adam Najmanowicz’s Sitecore Powershell Extensions!

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