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Sitecore Content Editor: Performance Tips

Sitecore Content Editor: Performance Tips

While Sitecore continues to extend Content Editor functionality to the Experience Editor, Content Editor remains the interface of choice for developers and power users. Its performance can significantly impact the productivity of any development team. With the fairly simple adjustments I outline here, you can optimize Sitecore Content Editor performance and usability.

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Sitecore: Security best practices

From time to time developer faces with the need to perform some action with the item in the scope of administrative user. In such case there are two possibilities:
SecurityDisabler and UserSwitcher.

Both of them allows developer to solve the task.  So, let’s what is the difference between them and which of them is most preferable to use.

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Sitecore: Force of Query String Parameters

Sitecore is a web based system and just like to others systems it uses query string parameters to pass viable data. They are used to explicitly configure such important things as display modes, sites, languages etc. Remembering of those tricky things could have a huge speed improvement in cases when dealing with multi-language, multi-device or page editor enabled solutions. Below is the list of the Sitecore query string parameters that I have been using in my day-to-day job.

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Sitecore: Excursion though Admin pages

It is doubtful that there is a Sitecore Developer who never opened /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx at least once in his life to check what went wrong with the amazing configuration patch that hadn`t worked. Showconfig is just one of the many admin pages that Sitecore provided by default. Other admin pages are not so popular, so I decided to talk about them in more detail.

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